La Traviata

For Youth Orchestra

This book is addressed to Secondary School students who are attending a music dedicated course. It deals with assisted arrangements and transcriptions of some pieces of the well-known opera by Giuseppe Verdi “La Traviata”. The great didactic experience of the authors suggested the educational importance of learning this kind of pieces at school, and so the need for a suitable repertoire for beginners. The aim of this project is to bring the Italian tradition of opera to young students, always by taking into account their level of competences. Furthermore, this book was conceived to stimulate both teachers and students to the interpretative practice in the first year of study. The pieces included within the volume can be played by different instruments. The book is made up by one complete score in addition to the detached parts. The pieces included are: Preludio, Il Brindisi and Il Coro di Mattadori.

Author Virginio Aiello, Bruno Aloise e Pino Murano
Format Kindle
Organic Flauto 1/2/3; Clarinetto 1/2; Violino 1/2/3; Chitarra 1/2 Basso; Pianoforte 1/2 
Publisher Da Vinci