Metodo Pratico di Pianoforte

Jazz complementare

An easy book with a direct approach about all the basic notions for the study of complementary jazz piano. The final method is made of two perspectives, respectively illustrated in two parts – the first one, consisting of a series of topics progressively more and more difficult from a technical point of view, enriched with tips and exercises – the second one, which focuses on a more practical approach based on the topics illustrated in the first part of the book. The whole book aims to cover the standard topics of jazz repertory with an appendix dedicated to extemporization and blues, from walking bass to different techniques of jazz extemporization. It includes a Cd-Audio and downloadable tracks with the music performance of all the exercises inserted in the book.

Author Virginio Aiello
Pages 124
Format Libro + Tracce audio
Publisher M.A.P. Sapientia

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