Piano Works

Volume 1

Piano works vol.1 is the first of a series of original compositions for piano by the pianist and composer Virginio Aiello. Piano work’s music is deeply rooted in classical tradition, with elements taken from jazz, pop, folk, tango and contemporary. The minimalism in style with deeply evocative melodies has a great emotional impact. Virginio Aiello puts all his music experiences together in these compositions: his classical education, his passion for jazz music as well as film music, the tango by Astor Piazzolla, folk music and foreign music. Each track evokes an imaginary tableau made of aromas, feelings, memories, all led by an organic and original musical language. The final result is a piece of art out of time, a liason between past and present. The level is medium-low.

Author Virginio Aiello
Pages 16
Format Book
Publisher GDE Edizioni Musicali - Roma