Born in 2011, this musical project is based on a tango-dedicated repertoire and all its influences through the inclusion of original compositions and remakes of traditional pieces.

Inspired by great specialists of folk tango blended with jazz music such as Astor Piazzolla and Richard Galliano, the result of this project is a kind of elaborated, strong and impetuous tango. Enchanted with a sensual taste, enriched with lyricism, in this project both traditional elements of tango and jazz music emerge.

All these elements are conceived and combined in order to satisfy the musicians’ will to make the performance in a chamber style, so that the counterpoint and compositions’ structure are enhanced by the arrangement just like in the European classical tradition.

Music sorts out to be the link between two apparently separate spheres, which are actually linked together by tradition; yet, music can never be purely conservative, so it always finds its own way just like water, just like peoples who move for a need.