The Modern Accordion Technique

Pop - Jazz - Tradizionale

This book is addressed to those who want to try a new, creative approach to the study of accordion by a technical exploration of this instrument, in addition to the practice of extemporization and knowledge of modern harmony. This collection of exercises stands for an early approach to jazz language through accordion. Each exercise comes with an explanation of its execution, even with rhythm and tonal variations. The book proceeds gradually with more and more difficult topics, always keeping an eye on functional harmony, scales harmonisations, the expression of the acronyms even in the horizontality of the arpeggios, the various chord types, the major and minor II-V-I progressions, the approach notes, the variations of a melody, the most used rhythm patterns, and finally a selection of traditional and jazz tracks.

 Virginio Aiello
Pages 148
Format Libro
Publisher Lulu

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